Monday, June 8, 2015

"Rise to Power" waxes Shakespearean

Michael James Gallagher is an established author who began his writing journey with a gripping, post-cold-war espionage thriller: Tsunami Connection. I am thrilled to find his review for my novel Rise to Power:

Uvi Poznansky's "Rise to Power" waxes Shakespearean: "What a rogue and peasant slave..." is Saul and yet bursts out with an intriguing "I Claudius" tone at times as well.. The best of both worlds. Kingly pomp, drenched in battle blood, and stark raving, in-bred madness all painted together in a picture of David as a modern man. Why did choose At Odds with Destiny? Well, I love to get my history indirectly in fictional form and the 12 tribes of Israel have intrigued me since spending almost a year in Israel in my late 20's. I know. I know, that was 35 years ago. Life, work, raising two wonderful children didn't leave time to peruse history for interesting topics. Now I am retired and can take my curiosity wherever it wanders.
Now back to "Rise to Power". The story opens up with a Hamlet-like Saul suffering and lamenting, among other things, that he doomed his rise to power by showing mercy to a captured king. Almost like another of Shakespeare's characters, Lady Macbeth, he can't wash out the stain of this ill-fated decision. Enter the 'fool', a wise peasant in the person of David the musician trying his luck as court musician. Saul tries to dissuade the young man and sends him packing but he's persistent. So the story of the foundations of the House of David begins. No more spoilers here. Highly recommended. Five stars

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