Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Let me introduce you to my author friends

My author friends have joined forces with me!
We bring you amazing stories
just in time for Summer vacation. 
Click the profile image or the name of each one of us 
to learn about our work
Then join us for a
for a chance to win our stories!

I paint with my pen, and write with my paintbrush.

What would you do if you could see other people's dreams?

Addictive, award-winning fiction. You'll fall in love with the characters and love to hate the villains.

Bestselling author of novels from historical to fantastical.

I'm a storyteller no matter the genre or mode of delivery. It's really very simple, and it's impossible to shut it off

Author of ghost stories with heart

I write the stories the characters dictate to me. Best of all worlds. Get to read a book while I'm writing it

Love and acceptance for each other, without boundaries


  1. Nice looking bunch of authors! Looking forward to playing at the beach with everyone.

    1. Yep Pat, and did you notice the 'Trails in the Sand'?

  2. Yes, true nice looking bunch of authors. Looks great