Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Time Old Tale, Told With An Astute Voice

Just discovered a great new review for my historical fiction novel, Rise to Power:

on September 3, 2015
Reading Uvi Pozansky is like dipping one's toe into a seemingly calm lake. At first it feels motionless, yet the deeper one goes, the more turbulent and complex the waters become. So it is with Mz. Pozansky's lovely, astute, and highly analytical writing.

Of course, most of us have heard the story of David versus Goliath. But in "RISE TO POWER (Book of David), the author takes a different path. Much like the composer Salieri in "Amadeus" or the main protagonist, Benjamin Britten, she begins the book with an older, hopefully wiser King David, forced into quarantine and all the while ruminating about his life. A bountiful life filled with his beginnings as a court musician to King Saul, his private ambitions, and ultimately, his lust for power overriding everything.

As the book progresses, we realize this is a great story about the young lying in wait for the old to decline--a time old tale, told this time as an ancient lore (albeit with a lot of modern phrasing), where Philistines, concubines, and battles reign supreme and human foibles are presented for what they are––man's weaknesses throughout time. VERY well told!

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