Wednesday, September 23, 2015

So make it one for the heartbreak and one more for love

My new novel, The Music of Us, harkens back to WWII and its music. To write it I researched thousands of songs from that era, and chose about a dozen where the lyrics and the feel captured the mood at one point or another in my story. Then, just as I thought I had put the finishing touch on the book, no! A problem! Suddenly I realized that I can not quote the lyrics of famous songs, because of their copyrights. And it might become an expensive proposition to get permission from the copyright holders to use them. So? What do I do? The answer is simple: write my own lyrics!

See if this feels like something you know and love:

Midnight came and went
The place is empty, I’m so lonely and so spent
So fill my cup
And let me tell you, before my time’s up
It’s too late to give, she won’t take
Nothing more to talk of
So make it one for the heartbreak
And one more for love

Or, how about this:

If you are made of air
Upon your wing I’m taken
Away from fear, despair
To find myself forsaken

I can't wait to hear these lyrics set to music and sung by the narrator of the audiobook edition! The process is only starting... Can't wait!

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