Saturday, September 24, 2016

Every Day I Tear A Leaf

Poem by my father, included in Home

Every day I tear a leaf     
From my calendar, blanched by the sun
Here's spring... It is so brief
Leaves now falling, one by one...

Once more it's spring, the fragrance's sweet
And blossom spreads again, again
With graying hair, there in the street
I sit: a lonely, crestfallen man

Do you remember: a student’s room
With a single narrow iron bed
That eve, of golden summer bloom
We fried potatoes, words unsaid

The plates we set down on the floor
And filled our glass with cheap, warm wine
Between our kisses, love we swore...
For that lost moment, how I pine!

A star came on, peeking in
Out of the depth of a strange, dark night
The entire world was here within
A serenade of love, delight

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