Monday, September 12, 2016

Literary writing at its best

Lovely new review of my WWII romance novel, Dancing with Air:

on August 17, 2016
A moving and evocative novel working with the theme of Alzheimers and memories. While confronting the possible diagnosis of Alzheimers' for his wife Natasha in the now, Lenny remembers their life and love together, most notably their time in England during World War II. Both their lives are clearly ones to remember, underlining the tragedy of the disease.
On some level this is a deep and involving love story, while on another it is of fascinating historical value: we learn about Natasha's life with the USO, an morale boosting entertainment unit for the troops, hear about Lenny's intelligence operation and witness life in wartime England. The characters are engaging as is the plot.
Knowing the characters in the series from previous novels, this shift of scenery and perspective is particularly rewarding and makes me want to recommend the entire series to you. Literary writing at its best.

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