Friday, March 3, 2017

A haunting array of artwork portraying a haunting reality

I am thrilled to find a five-star review for my art book, Inspired by Art: Fall of a Giant. The review written by top Amazon reviewer and author Sheila Deeth. In addition to her novel, Divide by Zero, she has written The Five Minute Bible Story Series, and other books. With a Masters in mathematics from Cambridge University, England, she is a a top reviewer for Amazon, Goodreads, Gather and other reading sites. This is what she says:

VINE VOICEon March 2, 2017
Author Uvi Poznansky’s collected images of a giant’s fall and its aftermath are as disturbing and thought-provoking as the original tale should surely be. David cuts off the head of his foe, but why, and what triumph will ensue?

Well-chosen comments and quotes lead the reader to watch how generations have viewed this triumph and mystery. With art collected by theme rather than artist, readers/viewers follow the story from contemplation of a fallen foe, to cruel blow, triumphal march, and King Saul’s dangerous response.

David and Goliath is no fairytale here, and readers are drawn to ponder, as the author does in her novels, just how these things played out in real-world history. I love the powerful humanity of Uvi Poznasky’s David Chronicles, and I love these images.

Disclosure: I bought this on a deal and I love it.

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