Sunday, March 12, 2017

There is much more to these works than meets the eye

I love this review of Inspired by Art: Fighting Goliath:

on March 11, 2017
Being a novelist, I'm much more used to reading stories woven around characterization, plot, drama, crisis and all the other standard dramatic elements. So, it was an interestng surprise to open Uvi's book, Fighting Goliath. In a nutshell, it's a collection of photographs taken of works of art, paintings done by the masters -- from Michelangelo and Titian to Degas and even Dali, and more -- all depicting the biblical battle between a young shephed boy and the "invincible" giant Goliath. What was particularly striking to me were the differences each artist had in their interpretations of young David. Each painting was expertly photographed and accompanied by a brief description of the work, which included a quote from the artist on how they saw the subject. The result was a fascinating look, not just at a collection of masterpieces, but a glimpse into the minds of the geniuses who created them. I thoroughly enjoyed leafing through Fighting Goliath, and came away feeling that I learned far more about these works of art than I would have from the fifteen pound art history textbook I had to lug around in college. Wholeheartedly recommended.

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