Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Riveting Story!

Here is a great review of my WWII Spy thriller, Marriage before Death:

on August 29, 2017
Having already read Uvi Poznansky’s extremely touching love story between Lenny and Natasha throughout their various stages of life, I looked forward to yet another glimpse at their time together. I knew going in, Poznansky’s prose would be poetic and lyrical, her descriptions beautiful. And being a history buff, I also figured I would enjoy reading about the WW2 French resistance––those bold men and women who led cloak and dagger existences, all in the name of fighting the Nazis. But what grabbed and thrilled me was how the author managed to create one riveting action scene after another, dovetailing them nicely into the couple’s journey. And with all those chapter cliffhanger endings that she added, I found myself staying up late into the night, dying to find out how it would all turn out. A treat, indeed!

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