Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Pure Artistry

I'm thrilled to find this review for my novel, Apart from Love:

on August 28, 2017
This book is truly a work of art. I first discovered Uvi Poznansky when I happened upon The White Piano and was intrigued. After reading it, I knew I had to read the entire series.

The White Piano is woven into this book, which contains both Ben’s and Anita’s perspectives. If I could give Ben’s side seven stars, I would. Anita’s point of view fills in the missing pieces from The White Piano to present a more complete picture of what went on, but I must admit, I couldn’t wait to get through her chapters so I could return to Ben.

There are various issues I have with Anita’s narrative. One is explained at the end of the book, and so I must inform any reader who struggles with the mixture of poetic prose with bad grammar, you must be patient because there is a reason for it. Obviously, we know throughout the book she has bad grammar because she’s not educated. But if she’s not educated, she then wouldn’t tell her story in a poetic or stylistic manner either. However, as I stated, there is a reason for it. Just read until the end.

I also was not aware this book apparently takes place around 1980 until I started reading Book 3. I’d thought this was present day, making the overuse of the word “awful” in dialog confusing. The way it’s used sounds more like the 1950s or 1960s to me, but at least I now know this is not supposed to be present day.

The Anita narration was just a personal pet peeve, but overall this book is amazing. The plot- wow! It is so dramatic and emotional and contains levels of depth. There is some odd behavior, but this is life, and people can be off. In this family, everyone has their demons, and that is part of what makes the book so touching and so powerful.

The books leaves you with lots to think about, and if you try to skim through it quickly, you'll miss out. Enjoy the paint strokes, both large and small. This is an absolutely beautiful work or art.

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