Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Discussion with Uvi Poznansky - Come Join Us

I am so grateful to Glenda A. Bixler who not only read all three books in my historical fiction series, The David Chronicles, but also invited me to a conversation about the ideas that drove my writing. She opened the conversation with,

The entire set of books is extraordinary in the continuity, the additional exploration of related works by leading artists and the movement out of the original Biblical story into a broader literary fictional tale of the total life of David.

Uvi, your creative talent is superior...artistic, does your background bring those to you? heritage?, perhaps, by certain family members? or was it from your personal interests and work to reach the place where you now are?

Want to hear what I said? Click here:

Discussion with Uvi Poznansky - Come Join Us; You are Welcome!

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