Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Simply could not put this one down

I simply love the enthusiasm in this latest review of my WWII Spy thriller, Marriage before Death:

on November 13, 2017
I simply could not put this one down and pretty much read it on one setting. It is the story of Lenny and Natasha during WWII. At times Natasha was Rochelle a girl on a propaganda poster with a red beret. She was so full of life and living, as fiery as her red hair. I love how the book ends with Lenny still in love with is girl and watching over he, even as he warns her not to touch the hot pastry. He says, "Because of the warmth that wraps around us, this--right here, right now--is a life worth living." As the dig in with forks eating the caramelized tart, Lenny realizes some parts of her life will forever remain a mystery and has some loose ends, but his Natasha will always be his girl, the girl he loved, and he'll always be the man she loved. A beautiful WWII love story amongst all the fighting.

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