Saturday, June 30, 2018

~~Captivating/Thriller/Romance set in WW II~~

Here's a great review for my WWII Spy Thriller, Marriage before Death:

on June 30, 2018
Action Check

Thrilling Check

Captivating Check

Romance Check

Book 5 in the Series 'Still life with Memories' does not disappoint the readers. Normally by the time one gets to the third or fourth in a series, the writing begins to suffer. Not in this one as Lenny and Natasha (Rochelle) are at the forefront. This time the reader is taken to France in WW II and is given a rare glimpse into the Resistance Fighters.

The author is able to weave love and war into a captivating story which held me riveted to my seat for the duration. Who is this lady in the red beret?

The writing style as well as the character development is excellent. Ms. Poznansky has that ability to write in an almost lyrical style. The descriptions throughout (whether characters or the French locations) are spot-on.

An excellent read for me and most highly recommended.

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