Saturday, June 2, 2018

Writing the historical fiction of the present.

I love writing historical fiction because it is one of the most difficult genres of all, demanding a complete immersion in the era and studying every detail--in clothing, gadgets, hairstyle, manners and of course, the timeline of events--in order to make the story not only believable but utterly authentic. I pride myself on writing with a sensual slant, aiming to put you in the skin of the characters and stir your heart where their passion touches yours.

In writing, I often break the confines of the particular genre, because life as we know it–and my art, which mirrors it– constantly changes from one genre to the next. One moment is is humorous; the next, it is erotic; then, it might be a tragedy. I see myself, standing on the shoulders of me (the way I was at the end of last project), standing on on the shoulders of me (the way I was at the end of the project before that.) With every new book, I bring all the experience I have gained and take my new project to a higher place. 

My upcoming book will be decidedly contemporary. And it will employ Virtual Reality as a tool to construct the murder scene and find the killer! My research skills allowed me to create a rich pattern of details in my historical fiction novels. I carry these skills into writing my upcoming book, even if it is contemporary and in some ways, can be dubbed futuristic. It's a bit like writing the historical fiction of the present.

What happened, you ask? What made me change course into a new genre? I always enjoy stretching the envelope of what I do, just like in my art, where I do bronze sculptures, oil paintings, watercolors, mixed media, paper engineering and anything beyond that.. I love to be lured outside of my comfort zone, and I hope you do too.

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