Monday, October 29, 2018

To her horror, the beam of a flashlight shined on her

As light filled the bedroom, Mia awoke with a start. Confused and disoriented, she looked around the room, and then her flight to her Aunt’s farm flooded into her mind. The light in the room flickered. She glanced at her watch on the nightstand—3:37 a.m. Hearing a car engine outside, she assumed Andy had finally arrived, so she hurried to the window. A black sedan moved down the lane. Andy always drove trucks, but Mia figured he switched vehicles in order to get out of the city. The car stopped near the porch. She frowned. Andy always parked behind the house.
Two men stepped out of the vehicle. One wore a shoulder holster with the handgrip of pistol clearly visible.
A chill swept through Mia’s body. Trembling, she slipped on her jogging suit and shoes, and tucked her pistol in the waistband. As she crept down the stairs, someone pounded on the door. Through the shear front curtains, she saw another set of headlights pulling down the lane.
Aware of several places she could hide undetected in the barn, Mia stealthily moved to the back door as pounding on the front door continued. She slowly unlocked the door. Before opening it, she peered out a window and scanned the area behind the house. Not seeing anyone, she opened the door and edged out onto the back porch, closing the door behind her. Hurrying to the closest tree, Mia scooted behind it. After surveying the yard again, she began to run toward the barn. On her way, she leapt over a pile of dirt.
Instead of clearing it, she tumbled into a four foot hole. Trying to regain her bearings and hurting from her fall, she sat up. As she wiped the loose dirt from her face, to her horror, the beam of a flashlight shined on her.

Excerpt from Diamonds and Lies
By Inge-Lise Goss

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