Sunday, March 3, 2019

A body was found in Laguna Beach this morning…

An award-winning, internationally read, From Womens' Pens author and humorist, Susan Jean Ricci is best known for her series of works titled Cindy's Crusades. This is what she said about my suspense thriller, Virtually Lace:

February 28, 2019
As a long time fan of Uvi Poznanski’s award winning, thought provoking, and captivating tales, I applaud Ms. Poznanski’s recent hop out of the box with a most exciting, romantic suspense VIRTUALLY LACE.

I also believe it takes a ton of gutsy talent for an author to leave behind their comfort genre, and offer a story that is completely different from what readers may have been expecting.

In VIRTUALLY LACE, Ms. Poznanski’s roller coaster of a ride in this who dunnit suspense focuses on how an intelligent, innocent man devises a way to escape a murder rap, when all the evidence points to him.

By revisiting it…

What was that, you say? Yes! Our hero Michael relies on the new software he and his partner Ash have invented for military purposes, using it instead to foster detective work for the purpose of clearing his name.

The variables for this vividly crafted tale rates five stars, in this reader’s opinion. It’s satisfying and cleverly woven with backstory, along with keeping you up to date with present day matters: his love for Ashley while nurturing her back to mental and emotional health after the horrific event she’s fighting to overcome, accepting a new job with a man Michael believes is capable of committing the murder, and being partnered for his new endeavor with a person he dislikes.

I liked and respected Michael. He remains steady and calm even when he knows the investigation will lead to the bull’s eye planted on his back. He’s loyal to his love interest Ash and empathetic about her demons. Michael’s a guy I’d enjoy having a cup of tea with and worth knowing.

Another positive worth mentioning - The clues throughout the story are so subtle, when I finished reading VIRTUALLY LACE, I smiled to myself thinking, “Oh, yeah. I get that now.”

At the risk of spoiling this innovating read for those who haven’t yet had the pleasure to enjoy Uvi Poznanski’s VIRTUALLY LACE, I’ll leave you with this: I’ve never read anything by this author I haven’t finished with a sigh of joy, or wishing the story continued forever.

Five glorious stars are awarded to Ms. Poznanski, for creating another bestseller, with a prequel now available. Bravo! I highly recommend VIRTUALLY LACE.

And, how about that beautifully designed cover?

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