Saturday, June 15, 2019

Another Great Poznansky Novel

Great review by Vine Voice Amazon reviewer Aurora Dawn for Coma Confidential:

June 12, 2019
Although she's trapped in her hospital bed and shows no awareness to her visitors, a woman struggles to piece together what happened to her and how it fits into a larger puzzle of intrigue, terrorism and danger.
This story takes a very different turn from any of Uvi Poznansky's previous work examining the oft-asked question "How aware are coma victims of the world around them" then diving into a suspense filled thriller involving Russian saboteurs, hackers, friends and relations who aren't what they seem, and a young woman's determination to overcome her limitation.
The story is well written and researched. The first person perspective provides an interesting view point, particularly since our heroine is physically unresponsive though very much aware and involved with her surroundings.
Although it's very different from the David stories and the WWII centered Lenny stories this one is engaging and delightful and I'm very pleased to note that it's listed as a "book 1" indicating there will be more Ash to be enjoyed.

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