Wednesday, February 24, 2021

New! Hardcover editions for The David Chronicles

I love holding a book, and the touch and weight of a hardcover one makes me realize how substantial it is and how much care has been taken to design it for me. So when Amazon invited me to join its Beta program for creating hardcover editions, I jumped on the opportunity. 

In the last couple of weeks I've been hard at work to create and publish new hardcover editions for all my books (in addition to the ebook and paperback editions.) If you love my writing, consider getting the hardcover editions of one of my books (or several of them) as a special gift for a special occasion for special someone in your life.

The Hardcover edition of The David Chronicles: Trilogy has a larger trim size than the individual books, larger even than its paperback edition. Instead of a trim size of 6x9, It is 7x10. Why? First, because to me, the larger size signifies it is an important book. And second, because in their Beta program Amazon has an upper limit of 550 pages, and the paperback edition exceeds that by far (689 pages) so I figured that if I make the trim size larger, I could design the interior of the book and bring the page count within limits.

And it goes well with the six companion art books. Inspired by Art: Fighting GoliathInspired by Art: Fall of a GiantInspired by Art: Rise to PowerInspired by Art: A Peek at BathshebaInspired by Art: The Edge of Revoltand Inspired by Art: The Last Concubine are now in their hardcover edition and premium color interior on white paper. In these books, the masters of art describe the amazing story of one of the most iconic figures in history, moment to moment from youth to old age. It makes you realize how many angles there are to interpreting every detail and for understanding history.

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