Tuesday, February 16, 2021


I'm thrilled to get this in-depth review from Hall of Fame reviewer Serenity for my new thriller, Overdue.

Reviewed in the United States on February 16, 2021

This novel has it all! Mystery combined with murder, mayhem and so much more....including the Russian mob...Wow...doesn't get any better than that for me as a reader. Toss in the Virtual Reality scenes and this author has a home run with this novel...(I will admit freely that I had to take a break from the 'blue room' last night. I had to allow myself time to absorb those scenes).

This novel takes place during the COVID pandemic in and around the city of LA. California. I kept thinking while reading it that when someone reads it in the future, they will understand completely what life was like for us. The masking, the washing of hands, the social distancing, the fear of contracting the disease, the closure of businesses and everything else that happened to our cities and how our lives changed.

Featuring Ashley and her boyfriend, Michael the story develops around them... Oh, and don't forget Browny, that lovely Golden Retriever. Members of the Russian Mob, the Voola, are at front and center. And, are they ever a tough group, Their actions leave a wake of death, destruction and create mayhem for anyone in their path.

This is a thriller which will have the reader gasping for air multiple times throughout The action starts out at a fast pace and continues to the end of the novel... Buckle your seat belt and settle in for an exciting ride.

Add identity theft and a major insurance fraud scheme which makes the read more exciting. The addition of the scenes at the Laguna Playhouse were incredible. 'A Midsummer's Night Dream' with Puck certainly takes on a new meaning for me. And, the ride in the helicopter will make your blood pressure rise with the events that unfold there. Wow...just wow....

This author has such a unique way with descriptive language and the use of analogies in her writing. Her descriptions are without parallel and her use of comparisons and analogies are superb. One example that comes to mind is the comparison of a business to the growth of a tree. Just outstanding...

Multi-dimensional plot, excellent character development. mayhem, murder and the Mob all come together to make this an outstanding read... Add, some roses and a touch of romance to bring a smile to the faces of the reader....

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