Thursday, March 11, 2021

A thrilling ride through pandemic-ridden LA

I'm honored that Aaron Paul Lazar​, the prolific author of many novels and series, has posted this review for my new thriller, Overdue:

Reviewed in the United States on March 11, 2021
Overdue, by Uvi Poznansky, is a thrilling ride through pandemic-ridden Los Angeles with a fiery heroine, the nastiest of villains, and plenty of heart-pounding action.

I have read and loved all of Poznansky’s books. Opposed to the norm where most series follow-ons aren’t nearly as amazing as the first book, these books get better with each new release. In addition to the danger facing the main character, Ash, and her race to survive, we also experience more of the exciting virtual reality aspects from the founding book, Virtually Lace, in a particularly creepy fashion!

A new, powerful character is featured in this edition who readers will simultaneously hate and with whom they’ll empathize. A bone thin actress with a habit plays a pivotal role. Ms. Voola is involved with the Russian thugs who are after Ash. Tightly woven into the mobsters’ schemes to take advantage of a world plagued by the virus, the chameleon-like woman is nearly the undoing of our hero.

As usual, this novel is beautifully written by a very talented author. And even though this is an action thriller, Poznansky finds ways to paint gorgeous described scenes without slowing down the action.

Here’s hoping the next book in the series is underway!

- Highly recommended by Aaron Lazar, USA Today Bestselling Author.

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