Thursday, March 11, 2021

What a Ride!

Born in Oakland, CA, Kathy Parsons has been an independent piano teacher since early 1981. Kathy is also a Top 1000 Reviewer. Shelived in the San Francisco Bay Area until mid-2007 when she relocated to Florence, OR (on the central Oregon Coast). She continues to teach locally and via the internet in addition to reviewing many recordings and interviewing artists for her website,, and editing new sheet music. I am honored to find her review of my suspense thriller, Overdue:

Reviewed in the United States on March 11, 2021

I have become a very big fan of Uvi Poznansky's books and have read most of them. As much as I've enjoyed the others, I think "Overdue" is her most gripping and fast-paced book yet. The fourth in a series (all can be read independently and don't necessarily have to be read in order), they tell the story of Ash Winters, her boyfriend, her parents, a mob boss and some of his henchmen, and some interesting applications of virtual reality. "Overdue" is set during the Covid-19 pandemic and features identity theft, insurance fraud, a make-up artist and actress who is a little too talented for her own (and Ash's) good, and more. An emotional roller-coaster from the first page to the last, I couldn't put it down. Is this the end of the series? I'm not sure even the author knows, but there are plenty of unanswered questions to fill a fifth novel. We can hope!

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