Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Back on the Show: Sports and Life, LA Talk Radio

After my first time on his radio show--in which we talked about my novel, Apart From Love--I wrote this for Cameron:

He brings athletes, belly dancers, performers each Friday
Right into your bedroom, for you to hear, honey! 
So when Cameron called me I knew, I just knew, right away 
That with him, I'll find myself in such great company!

He asked: if your novel would turn into a movie
Who'd play Ben--immature, insecure and naive?
Who'd play Anita--sexy, edgy, and groovy? 
What my answer was, you just wouldn't believe!

Let me introduce him to you: Cameron Datzker is a veteran of sports talk radio for over 20 years. His background starts back as a play by play announcer calling both college football, and minor league baseball and hockey. He has spent his broadcasting days as a host for various radio stations in both New York and Chicago and Oklahoma City. Cameron had the highest rated public access shows called, "it's a sports thing" which appeared on the Time Warner TV Network, this show featured various no name singers, dancers and performers as well as it featured belly dancers and  celebrities in the community. To listen to our first conversation, click here. 

Now, not being a belly dancer, I am very honored that Cameron asked me to come back on his show, Sports and Life on LA Talk Radio, this time to talk about my poetry book, Home. The show will air Friday night, Oct. 5, 2012, at 8:00pm Pacific Standard Time. 

To listen live, click here and choose Channel 1. 
The Live Call-In number: 1-323-203-0815. I would love to talk to you! 

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