Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Quilt Of Memories

Come up for a breath... Fight your way back, against the flow
of time
Is your hand too cold? Can it sense the warming, the glow
As you climb?
Reflections are trembling, rippling to the edge of the pond
Water lily
Stay here, just under this surface... You can see far beyond
In the dark, really.

(Inspired by the water lily in the quilt)

Thank you for sharing your memories--in photographs and art--describing your home. 
I have woven them together, into a quilt of memories, and presented at my launch party
In celebration of my new book, Home

Images contributed by 
Charudutta Aghor (interior designer, poet. Naqpur, India)
R. Russell Bittner (father first and foremost, poet. Brooklin NY)
Ia Uaro (author of Sydney's Song. Sydney, Australia)
Thomas Carty (Poet, Celtic fanatic. Tullamore, Ireland)
Ivy Ford DeShield (Contributing Editor @Recipes for Good Living Magazine. Washington)
Chris Lawrence (writer. West Kirby, UK)
Aimee Anderson (freelance writer. Boston, Massachusetts)
Tony Henninger (poet & writer. Midland, Texas)
Renee Pierce Williams (Author of Buck the Good Doog, Midland, Georgia)
Abdullah Jaan
Uvi Poznansky


  1. Thank you Uvi.
    I am really glad to see myself as a part design-patch of the beautifully woven quilt.This really overwhelmed me by heart.I ever await to get into such contest/events to contribute.
    Today,sincerely i pray to god to bless you... overload with writing/poetry and painting talents which will always encourage people like us who are seven seas far...to contribute the best possible worth and be a part of you and your sweet cozy talent provoking world.
    I wish to the god's feet for you to have you a long prosperous,healthy,innovative talented life with each time-fraction welcoming you with flowers of divinity on each step you walk on.
    Charudutta Aghor.

    1. My pleasure Charudutta! Your images are so elegant and they add beautiful design lines to the quilt. Thank you so much for your good wishes!

  2. stunning! What a lovely idea, would drive me bonkers to do but kudos to you, Chica :)

  3. Uvi, the quilt looks amazing! Thank you for the opportunity of being a part of your launch party. As I always say, with your natural talent and creativity as an artist...The sky is the limit for you my friend. xo

    1. Thank you Renee. Your image is so lovely! A big kiss to the little artist, your daughter!

  4. Is there anything you can't do my talented friend? How completely charming!

    1. It is, thanks to everyone!
      It is just my pleasure Jayne!

  5. Thanks for featuring the picture of our home in Banagher...

    1. My pleasure Tomas! This was a collaborative creative endeavor...

  6. Beautiful quilt! Your creativity always amazes me!

    1. Hi Tirza! Thank you so much. This was one of the activities at the launch event for my poetry book, it was a lot of fun!