Monday, October 15, 2012

Home's Nostalga

Dan Strawn took up creative writing after a long career in business and education. In addition to his longer works, his stories and essays have been published in a number of editions of Idaho Magazine and Trail Blazer Magazine. He is the author of Isaac's Gun, Body of Work, and Breakfast at Blair's, and his novel Lame Bird's Legacy will hit the market October 19thSo I am truly honored that he got my book Home, read it and posted this five star review:

5.0 out of 5 stars Home's nostalgaOctober 14, 2012

Neither wild ride through history nor romance that singes your finger tips when you turn each page; neither Bram-Stoker-style piece of horror, who-done-it mystery nor gossip-filled memoir, Home is a delicate, detailed expression of love between the author, Uvi Poznansky, and her poet father, Zeev Kachel.

In "Home", Poznansky has created a patchwork quilt made up of her proses and poetry along with vignettes of her father's verses. Her prose paint a broad picture of her father's life circumstance. Her poetry is carefully contrived to honor him by emulating his poetic style.

Like a skilled surgeon wielding a scalpel, Poznansky uses carefully contrived words to open her heart. In doing so she becomes Every Woman telling the world she is her father's daughter. In doing so, she crosses the gender gap and makes her readers, men and women, aware of the meaningful moments in their own pasts.

The tender feelings and raw life carried in the combination of Poznansky's writing and her father's poetry will leave you wandering around for days with bits of "Home," now--for you--nostalgic flotsam, floating in your mind.


This review can be found on the book's Amazon page, here.


  1. Well done Uvi! I am very tempted to hit that Amazon button! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. My pleasure Kriti! I'm all for succumbing to temptation... ;)