Thursday, December 13, 2012

After You've Gone

Written by my father
Translated by me

Somewhere at night a string sings out
All's dark, silent, filled with doubt
I'm alone, and you?
Out there, in the cold, a string sings out

Forgive me ma, that under your wing
A poet grew, only to sing 
Forgive me ma, I knew no way but run
I was a defiant son!

In your life I sang you no songs, but now I miss—
Forgive me ma, that I wiped off your kiss
Which you gave me, thinking I were asleep...
Now, after you're gone, I confess and I weep

I loved no one like you!
After you were gone, I knew
I had travelled to a place so alien, so cold
How bitter it had felt, to you I never told.

How you waited to receive a word from me, a letter,
How I missed you! Only now I know better
No longer am I ashamed to say, to try:
Forgive me ma, now at last I am allowed to cry.

This is a watercolor painting--the largest I have painted--of my father. Measuring 40" x 30", this is called 'Silence of the Bard. Why a Bard? Because even though my father never played a musical instrument he composed beautiful images using the music of words. This is why the impression of the strings extends out into the landscape, which becomes a melodically conceived universe. 

And, why Silence? because he never shared his last body of work with anyone. It is not been read by others, until now, until I published this book in his tribute: Home.

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"Absolutely Stunning!" "scenes of such exquisite depth and beauty"


  1. Breathtakingly powerful and beautiful -- both the portrait and the poem. I'm enjoying your father's poetry in "Home" very much, and I've never been a big fan of poetry. But your father's words are both eloquent and plain-spoken in the most honest and artful way that even someone like me -- uneducated in the form -- can relate to and appreciate.

    1. Aw... Thank you so much Jayne! Indeed, his poetry is eloquent without being 'flowery', which is why I had to translate it so it may reach you... I am so glad you took a chance and got the book, despite the fact this is not your usual genre.

  2. Wonderfully written!!!

  3. I love how you add those touches of symbolism in words and in painting.

  4. It is so deep and emotional poem; very personal, too. This is why is so touching. I feel that by reading theese words we become more sensitive...

    1. Oh thank you Grace, indeed at reading his poem we are bless with more grace in our hearts.