Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How Does Home Hang Down Under

My friend, the amazingly talented Australian artist and the author of Sydney's Song Ia Uaro ordered my poetry book from Amazon, as an end-of-the-year gift for Dr Rada, who is a Polish Jew and--get this!--became fascinated with Japanese at an early age, and now teaches the language. The Aussie-Japanese-Polish connection. How neat is that! 

Ia shared with me the image of Home as it arrived at her place! Here is how it hangs 'down under':

On a different note, the reference librarian in Santa Monica Public Library wrote this to me:

"Thank you for contacting the Santa Monica Public Library about the book, Home. Our materials selection staff has decided to add this title to the collection.  Please be aware it can take several weeks before added items are available for checkout."

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  1. Wow thanks. Yes, lovely! She's coming to teach tomorrow, so I'll give it to her tomorrow since she doesn't do xmas.
    I donate to libraries do - and from their online data I see people have been borrowing the book. Good luck Uvi!

    1. Wish her Happy Channukah for me... And what a gracious gift from you!
      Good luck Ia with Sydney' Song, and all your projects!

  2. I just got a list of libraries. I guess the next step is to contact them--thanks for the reminder :)