Monday, April 29, 2013

A New Showcase of My Literary Work

A new author page now showcases highlights of my literary work: book descriptions, cover images, author's bio, excerpts, links and what not... 
What, you may ask, is AUTHORSdB? Here is a quote that explains it:
"There are very few places where authors are able to add their information, one time, including promoting links to buy their books on all bookseller platforms. A place where authors continue to write while expert SEO people can assist in Social Media Marketing for free.  Authors need an unbiased place to shout out about their creative works without 'big brother's' controlwithout fear of loosing to unknown algorithms."
-Angel Investor-
Take a look at my new author page and please, tweet or like it: Uvi Poznansky's New Author Page.

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