Monday, April 22, 2013

Looking for Gift? Why not Apart from Love!

Looking for the perfect gift? Why not get the print edition of Apart from Love! It has a beautiful cover image (based on my own art) and its audiobook edition is just around the corner... The novel comes highly recommended. So many eloquent reviews--48 and counting! If you ask me which of them I cherish the most, two come to mind.

The first one is not a review but a a testimony. Jt Sather, the author of How to Survive When the Bottom Drops Out, is a dedicated son. He placed Apart From Love in the hands of his mother, and here is what he wrote to me while she was reading it:

Now I sure hope it's not the story that makes her yawn... lol!
The second review I cherish was written by the inspirational writer Dolores Ayotte. It was voted 'most helpful' by readers--not an easy feat to achieve! Here it is: 

5.0 out of 5 stars Unique & Spellbinding!! May 18, 2012
Author Uvi Poznansky is an artist! There is no doubt about it. As I read "Apart from Love", I was drawn into a masterfully created piece of artwork. This is no ordinary novel. It richly depicts the product of a dysfuntional family and how they are drawn together, yet so repulsed by each other.

There is a quality so deep and raw in "Apart from Love" that it's almost impossible to put this book down. In my opinion, Uvi Poznansky writes like a painter. She starts with a clean canvas and dabs a little paint here and a little paint there as she develops her characters and creates her masterpiece. Her strokes then become broader, more passionate, more vivid and vibrant as she continues to let her characters' stories unfold. She draws you in to a deeper level than you might actually want to go as she ignites the fire to your own love, passions, and fears.

Ben, the 27 year old son grudgingly returns home many years after the divorce of his parents, Lenny and Natasha. He finds that there is a mutual attraction between his father's young wife Anita, and himself. Their stories, along with Lenny's are related in a narrative as each person has the opportunity to share his side of the events that take place. "Apart from Love" reminds me of a movie I enjoyed many years ago...Cat on a Hot Tin Roof because it is a well-written drama that could take place on a stage similar to this movie. In "Apart from Love" Ben states..."In our family, forgiveness is something you pray for, something you yearn to receive but so seldom do you give to others." There is defintely a great need for forgiveness both on the giving end as well as the receiving end in this novel.

Similar to any other work of art, the artist leaves so much of themselves in their work. Author Uvi Poznansky has done just that! Kudos to her on a job well done!

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