Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Join the Musical Chorus!

In addition to the Writing Contest in my launch event  I am announcing a new fun activity. If you have partied in my previous events, you have seen such activities: The Quilt of Memories, Our Family Tree, And Figures on the Battlefield

So what will it be this time, you ask? Well, because now we are talking a lot about sound and voice, here is the new activity: 
  • First, join the event (if you haven't already.) Go here: The Voice Is Jacob's Voice and click Join.
  • Then, find a picture of yourself playing a musical instrument, or singing, or yawning--any open mouthed picture is good. It can be a photograph (at any age) or a sketch of you--anything goes. 
  • Send it to me through private message on facebook. I will then add your picture here, and we will have a whole chorus of voices and sounds!

Images contributed by:
Laura Laska, Lorraine Currelley, Brian M. Hayden

Watercolor painting by
Uvi Poznansky

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