Friday, July 5, 2013

Talking Twisted at Melodie's Musings

The gifted author of After Forever Ends, Melodie Ramone, invited me for an interview on her blog. She opened with a gracious, heartfelt introduction:

"In the world of writing, you meet many people. Some are story tellers, people who have wonderful plot lines and fantasies that run through their minds, who jot down words and tell of adventures and far away lands. Some are observers of the world around them and of human nature and write of their experience in a way that teaches others lessons from their own lives. And then there are the select few who write directly from their souls, the ones who paint a canvas with words that reach inside your heart and turn you around. They open your eyes and make you see people, places and situations in a different way than you would have and, ultimately, they change your life. Uvi Poznansky is one of those writers and she doesn't just spread her magic in ink, but in paint as well. I am proud and blessed to have her on my blog. And, now, enough of my introduction! Here is Uvi..."

Please check out the interview, where I talked a bit about my new book, Twisted. here: 

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