Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Sharper The Perception--The More Complex The Interpretation

Oleg Medvedkov is the amazingly gifted author of quite a number of humor books such as Take a Break & Have a Laugh Series. Passionate Mind-Control Worms, The Dragon Who Loved Water Lilies and Other Funny Stories. He is also a top Amazon reviewer (with an incredible ranking of 300.) I am greatly honored that he posted this review for Twisted:

5.0 out of 5 stars The sharper the perception--the more complex the interpretationJuly 28, 2013
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This review is from: Twisted (Kindle Edition)
This book, "Twisted," is a collection of stories that give a feeling of being painted on the page. When you read them, come loser to see the touches of the brush and then stand afar to see the whole picture. Then, turn away and savor the after-taste before looking back to make sure you have really seen all of it.

In her potent style, Uvi Poznansky weaves mythology with modernity in "I Am What I Am." Elevators and high heels are mentioned together with camels and sheep in what might have been a retelling of a Biblical story. Yet, this is far beyond any retelling or re-imagining. Trying to find an answer to a seemingly simple question "What's my name?" the Wife of Job moves through emotions and the labyrinth of logic to arrive to a conclusion that will surprise the reader and is open to a slew of interpretations.

"The One Who Never Leaves" is a story that is seen through the eyes of a cat. But is it really about a cat? The story has a lot of symbolism that makes the careful reader relate and think and paint her own image of what this story means.

"The Hollow" takes you in a world of a strange perception where you, little by little, lose the touch with reality and give in to the sensory stimuli of the imagined(?) awareness.

My favorite story by far in this collection is "I, woman." When you start reading it, you get a sense of "Oh, I know what's going on! It's just a retelling of the creation story, be it original. Well, aren't I smart!" Then, as you read on, you lose that certainty, bit by tiny bit. When you are almost done, you are hundred percent sure that your first hunch was wrong and you have created a new theory as to what the story is all about. Yet, when you finish reading, it hits you. "Wait a second! Could it be? No, surely not... Perhaps, but... What's going on here?"

To quote the author: "The sharper the perception--the more complex the interpretation." This statement applies to all the stories in this book. Yet, I'd like to add to that statement that with the sharper perception, your interpretation becomes not only more complex, but from a singular, it will split into multiples, then it all will twist in on itself, and then branch off into whatever direction your mind is capable of taking it.

Yes, this is that kind of book, written for a smart and perceptive reader, who is not afraid to let her imagination fly. If you are that person, pick up this book, your won't be disappointed.

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