Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Take a look at what you may win!

Don't miss this opportunity! 
Click this link and join:

A select group of authors has joined forces with me
to bring you amazing stories
narrated by great voice actors. 
Just before the holidays, we invite you to come home with us. 
Come listen to voice clips from our audiobooks 
You may win one of them!


  1. I enjoy listening to books. I have arthritic pain when I do housework, but listening to a book keeps my mind occupied and I get a lot done forgetting the pain. I recommend
    audio books. We always have one in the car also.

    1. Oh great Darlene! Yes, listening to a story is the best you can do to be swept away to a different place :)
      All my best,

  2. Nothing better than a good audio story to keep you company on a dreary rainy day like today, and the opportunity to win one makes it a double better day ��

    1. I Totally agree, Laura! And I hope you're enjoying 'coming home' in this event, where we share voice samples and stories... Best of luck!