Saturday, January 17, 2015

Cover reveal for At Odds with Destiny

This is my original charcoal drawing which served as the inspiration for the cover of At Odds with Destiny. The figure is open to interpretation. Is she holding a mask, a mirror, or something else entirely?

I rendered the design in color, which is used for the front cover. The color of title is golden over the dark background, but where the background is lit, the font becomes crimson. This way the title seems to be washed in light that comes diagonally across the frame of the image.

Since there are ten author names to accommodate here (some of which are quite long) I spaced them out by aligning five to the right, and five to the left. This way the image can shine through between them.

Here is the spine. My intention was to create a sense of a substantial collection, presented like volumes in an encyclopedia. Therefore, I used golden lettering with a fancy, long-hand style font, on velvet background. I added the lit and shadowed edges to achieve depth. Most importantly, on each spine I added a signature icon from the cover of its novel.

Finally, I built it all up so suggest a perspective, and created a reflection underneath, which adheres to the same rules of perspective. And here is the finished cover:

★ The novels in this boxed set are out of the box 
Open it at your own risk! 
At Odds with Destiny
No longer available