Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A TOUCH OF PASSION: Nellie by @CynthiaWoolf

Then she laid back in the hot water and closed her eyes, resting. 
She awoke to being lifted by strong arms. The water was cold and so was she. Shivering violently, she cuddled into Blake’s warm body.
“Nellie, are you trying to catch your death? That water was freezing.”
“It wasn’t wh…when I g…got in,” she said, her teeth chattering.
Blake stood her next to the bed, turned down the covers, then got a towel and dried her quickly. He wrapped her hair in the towel, picked her back up and laid her in the bed. She couldn’t stop shaking. He quickly undressed, got in bed beside her, and pulled her into his arms, then covered them both with the blankets.
He was so warm. She buried herself in his warmth, cuddling into him. 

Here is a heartwarming story for cold evenings... Excerpt from Nellie by Cynthia Woolf, included in A Touch of Passion

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