Thursday, January 14, 2016

@aharemboysaga asks, What inspired you to write the series?

Bernard Foong has written about his youth, when he was spirited him away to the Middle East to serve in several wealthy and aristocratic harems. I am thrilled to visit him at his blog, titled In-the-Harem, for an interview. The first thing he asked me was, what inspired me to write my series, Still Life with Memories? To which I said,

Natasha, the renowned pianist suffering from early-onset Alzheimer's in my book Apart from Love (volume I and II of the series, woven together) kept coming back to haunt me. Her character was not an easy one to develop. The primary challenge is that she has no voice. She is utterly silent, which makes her son Ben hopeat firstthat she can be reached, that he can 'save' her. 

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