Thursday, January 7, 2016

A TOUCH OF PASSION: Seduction by @AuthorLTaylor

She shivered suddenly and looked away.  Noah didn’t draw her into his arms to shelter her from the breeze blowing in off the bay, despite the urge to do so.  He already knew he’d pushed her to the limits of her emotional tolerance.
“You’re getting chilled.  Let’s get you home.”
Maggie didn’t meet his gaze.  She simply nodded.
They made their way down the length of the pier, side by side but miles apart as they walked to his rental car.  The silence between them persisted as he drove the short distance to her house.
Noah parked in front of the cottage, but he made no move to get out of the vehicle.  He watched Maggie, saw the strain of the evening in the way she fiddled with the shoulder strap of her purse and stared out the front window of the car.
“How did you find me?” she finally asked.

Here is a heartwarming story for cold evenings... Excerpt from Seduction by Laura Taylor, included in A Touch of Passion

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  1. Many thanks for sharing SEDUCTION with the readers! Am delighted to be a part of the A Touch of Passion Boxed Set. :) SEDUCTIONS is book #1 of my Love at the Beach Series, and it's followed by SURRENDER and SUBLIME. LT

    1. Totally my pleasure Laura! Love your writing :)