Thursday, May 17, 2018

Interesting Artwork + Compelling Story = Enjoyment for All Ages

Just discovered a great review by Top Amazon Reviewer Dee Arr, for my illustrated Children's Book, Now I Am Paper:

It is seldom that one finds a treasure that has the power to delight young and old readers at the same time. Uvi Poznansky delivers with an enchanting story enriched by the original artwork that accompanies it. The dazzling watercolors are guaranteed to fascinate children while adults will find themselves lost in the sensitive emotions that wind their way in and out of the story of a child and a tree.

The author takes poetive license with her rhyming scheme, and I loved the way the rhythm of the poetry wins out over the chosen words. The Gothic fonts match the mood of the book, with sweeping loops that mimic the tree and leaves. I found the idea of writing the description on a leaf drawing very original. If you are reading the book on a Kindle Fire and find the text difficult to read, you can bring up a box with normal text with a simple double-click.

This is a nice, simple tale with a learning opportunity at the end. Five stars.

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