Sunday, May 20, 2018


Thrilled to find this review by Barbara Mojica, a top contributor (Children's Books, Coloring, Pets) for my Childrens' Book (for the child in you), Now I Am Paper:

This book is a beautiful commentary on the cycle of life. A tree grows in the forest. It is happiest when a young girl arrives to spend time in it. One day the child carves an arrow in its trunk, but soon after she disappears. Now the tree is lonely and sad. Much time passes until one day someone arrives with an ax to chop the tree down. The tree is ground into wood chips and eventually pressed into paper. Now that paper becomes the book which tells her story.

The language is sensual and flowing, evoking the sounds and smells of the forest. Poznanksy has chosen an elaborate Gothic font that complements the mood of the poem, though readers of the Kindle version are able to click on it to make reading easier. Watercolor illustrations penned by the author enhance the mood of the poetry. This book is targeted for an audience in the two to ten age range. Young readers will enjoy the images but may not appreciate the message of the poem. I think that adults will find it a treat as well.

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