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Reader's Biblical Delight!

Dolores Ayotte is the author of A Woman's Voice (and other self-help books.) She is an inspirational writer and one of the best reviewers on Amazon. Here is what she said about my historical Fiction trilogy, The David Chronicles:

on December 14, 2014
Book 1
The setting in "Rise to Power" is in the appropriate Biblical era but the characters have what appears to be a more modern day method of thinking. Or is this really an age old way of operating and not modern at all? Ms. Poznansky is merely saying it likes she sees it. The discerning reader soon realizes a more sinister plot may have taken place as she spurs us on to think outside the box and entertain all kinds of possibilities. Most of us are very familiar with the Bible story about the young boy David who slays Goliath...however, I encourage you to read this version of his story. You will get an x-ray view of not only how David's mind possibly worked but also of the way Ms. Poznansky's mind captivatingly works in order to entice her reading audience. She does not leave a stone unturned in this intriguing Biblical story as David narrates his tale with and through the eyes of Ms. Poznansky. Watch David come alive with all his human faults, frailties, and fears as he diligently searches for his path to power. "Life in the shadow of death" it really that exciting after all? You be the judge.

Book 2
In "A Peek at Bathsheba", the reader continues to get a glimpse of King David's his all-too-human side. In Ms. Poznansky's portrayal of him, his alleged weaknesses hang out like a sore thumb and make it difficult to admire him as King of the House of David who reigns over the tribe of Judea. He has every ambition to influence the other eleven tribes and perhaps rule the nation. Although King David craves a peaceful resolution, his chief general Joav chooses
disastrous triumphs" in his effort to accomplish victory in "his ill-advised civil war against the eleven tribes of Israel". With the untimely death of Joav's younger brother Asahel in one such battle, King David is advised to no longer trust Joav in what appears to be his own quest for power. King David himself is already having his own doubts and fears about Joav but now one of his spiritual advisors has confirmed his very thoughts. But soon it appears that Joav is not his only concern...

King David with his many wives, materialistic cravings, and perceived desire for power are only surpassed by his covetous nature in his pursuit of Bathsheba. He is obviously not above adultery and although Bathsheba does little to ward off his advances...afterall how could she possibly refuse a King?

Book 3
"The Edge of Revolt" is the third and final installment in the Chronicle of David Series. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in this series, Book 3 is my favorite thus far. It is penned by the same gifted author....well-written in Author Uvi Poznansky's unique and captivating style. However, it offers closure to the life and eventual death of King David. He has led a ponderous life, a gifted psalmist...filling up scroll after scroll, yet persecuted by the realization of his own humanity and need for redemption. Haunted by his love for Bathsheba, the taking of her when she was married to Uriah, and his subsequent act of perpetuating Uriah's murder on the battlefield clearly demonstrates one of the many reasons for the spiritual and emotional turmoil in King David's life. Will he ever find the peace of mind he so deeply desires before his death...?

What an incredible opportunity to find all three volumes of the Chronicles of David in this Boxed Set. It's a great gift, not only for yourself, but to be generously shared with others.

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