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~~Excellent Collection~~

An amazingly thorough review by Top 100 Reviewer, Serenity:
January 31, 2019
An excellent collection of 3 of this author's novels. Following are my reviews of each one, including her title, the number of stars, my title and then my review.

'The Music of Us' 5 stars

Powerful with a Trip down Memory Lane

A powerful and poignant novel that will tug at your heart strings ... a love story that invites the reader into a romance between Lenny and Natasha. Starting in 1970 for a brief period it goes back to the days when these two met in the 1940's. Lenny had joined the US Marines and Natasha was a 16 year old concert pianist. Natasha's family name of Horowitz evokes memories of a long line of musicians.

Powerful for me in that the subject of Alzheimer's Disease is handled with great aplomb. Is this disease passed genetically or not? 'Memory is a liar' as Natasha so aptly said. Reading this was poignant especially when the casket of Charlie was brought home and 'Amazing Grace' was played.

Lots in this from WW II including some of the songs that were hits and also the topic of rationing items was covered. For some this will be a trip down memory lane. Life, love and the courage to comfort one another and to bridge the differences through the years is incredible.

Most highly recommended

'Dancing with Air' 5 stars


This is a powerful, passionate and poignant story of eternal love between Lenny and Natasha. It begins with memory problems that Natasha is having in 1970 and Lenny being her caregiver. Tests have been ordered to ascertain the depth of her problems. From there, the reader is invited into the intense times during WW II while Lenny was stationed in the UK - London as a military courier.

Natasha is a brilliant concert pianist and volunteers with the USO to entertain the troops in the UK. She, of course, wants to be as close to Lenny as possible. This book covers the gamut of emotions that young lovers face during the early times in a relationship. While in Britain, they travel together to the White Cliffs of Dover on a Harley-Davidson. From there, Lenny delivers some courier mail to the RAF base at Fauld barely escaping a horrific disaster.

The imagery in this book is incredible and outstanding. From the songs that are in nearly every chapter to the Harley ride along the British landscape, all of it is done with magnificent strokes of the author's hand.

Anyone who has been involved in a passionate romance will be able to feel the power of the romance between these two lovers. 'Good times and bad times, we'll be there' keeps filtering through my head. One scene near the end of the book is powerful when Lenny and Natasha go to the beach at Santa Monica. The 'bluebirds' evoke memories of a time long ago despite having a significant loss of memory. And, that is exactly how the human mind works in a sickness such as that which has inflicted Natasha. The sensuous nature of the love between Natasha and Lenny is intertwined throughout which, for me, intensified their relationship for many years.. 'Power of our passion...such is hope'.

One other thing I truly enjoyed in addition to the music was the descriptions of items not available during WW II. One was Uncle Sam limiting the hems on women's garments and not having any cuffs on them. The description of Mrs. Babcock's tin safe for meat storage was fascinating to me, as well.

Most highly recommended.

'Marriage before Death' 5 stars

Captivating/Thriller/WW II

An absolute thrilling and captivating read. Set in France during WW II, the author manages to weave a wonderful romantic tale into the pages.

Lenny and Natasha (Rochelle) are at the forefront. This time the reader is given a rare glimpse into the Resistance Fighters.

The author is able to weave love and war into a captivating story which held me riveted to my seat for the duration. Who is this lady in the red beret?

The writing style as well as the character development is excellent. Ms. Poznansky has that ability to write in an almost lyrical style. The descriptions throughout (whether characters or the French locations) are spot-on.

An excellent read for me and most highly recommended.

Each and every one of these novels deserve 5 stars. I always select the one in a set that I preferred over the others. My favorite one is 'The Music of Us'. Anyone who has had a close relative or friend with memory problems will be drawn into this one.

Ms. Poznansky's characters are well developed, excellent plots and this is a truly outstanding collection of 3 novels.

Most highly recommended.

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