Monday, September 9, 2019

~~Pink Cellphone/Dr. Patel/Pyres in India~~

Great review--and also the first-- written by Hall of Fame Reviewer Serenity for my medical thriller Overdose:

September 9, 2019
This is indeed a thriller which combines both medical and computer knowledge with a touch of romance.

Dr. Patel, it appears, is not what he professes to be which has Ash and Michael on his trail to determine exactly what he has 'up his sleeve'. Supposedly he is a Professor of Psychology and a Neurosurgeon..., Stand by for some investigative techniques that are excellent.

A pink cellphone, and funeral pyres in India are important parts in the process, as well. The reader is also 'listening' as well as reading. There are devices involved which gave me a headache just reading about them... Just the possibility of this occurring is mind boggling.

Some doctors, including Dr. Patel, don't take the Hippocratic Oath as seriously as the ancient Greeks did when writing it. Ethics were tossed out the window in his case, for sure.

Isaiah 26:19 is mentioned and I thought that was a perfect touch in the context of this novel. Love Browny, the Golden Retriever! Good dog, good dog...
Characters are well developed, plot is multi-layered and the reader is taken on a journey which involves both a medical mystery and computer knowledge. Extremely well written novel. 

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