Monday, September 23, 2019

Let me introduce my author friends to you

My author friends have joined forces with me!
We bring you amazing stories
Narrated by great voice actors
In the spirit of Halloween. 

Join us as a GOING guest
For a chance win our audiobooks!

"I paint with my pen, and write with my paintbrush"

Art Site

"Addictive, award-winning fiction. You'll fall in love with the characters and love to hate the villains.”

"With love and laughter."

"I think like a criminal, so I write crime fiction.”

Escape into imagination ... discover the magic of Casi McLean—romance, suspense, & mystery thrillers.

"I live in a New Orleans where Mardi Gras Balls, festivals, parades, are always going on. The hardest part is to pick one thing to write about because there's no place like New Orleans to have a good crime!”

"If you like romances that are sexy, sassy & too much fun - you have found the right author!"

"What would you do if you could see other people's dreams?"

Writing Dreams

Award-wining author of the popular Unit 1 thrillers series and the Whitlock Trilogy.

"Each book takes you places you have never been in ways you will always remember."

“ ”

Writes Romance and Cozy mysteries with a dash of humor!

"Even in the darkest hour there is always a flicker of light”

"History is woven into my stories with a delicate thread."

Ex-high-heel wearing writer, audiobook addict, UConn sports maniac, family girl, Sees Toffee-ette slave, loyal friend.


  1. "Writes Romance and Cozy mysteries with a dash of humor!"
    Could you add to mine, please?

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