Sunday, January 24, 2021

I’m tempted to lose myself in him, but can’t let go of me

We stop and, hearts pounding, kiss.

His touch is sweet, his embrace—gentle. I’m tempted to lose myself in him, but can’t let go of me. My eyes open even before he eases away. 

Dark clouds are brushing the sky copper, their fiery edges sketched in reflection across the vast surface of water. After years of drought, an abundance of wildflowers has burst over the shoulder of the bluff, painting it mustard yellow. Tickseed flowers shake their toothed-tip petals, their scent sweetening the salty breeze.

Holding hands, we cross the line between the wind-blown dry sand and the wet, saturated seaboard. The beach looks different than I’ve expected. The cove, located just south of the Pointe, used to be famous as a popular clothing-optional meeting place back in the sixties, according to Ma. “Did your father ever mention where we first met? No?” She would snuff out the little smile flickering in the wrinkled corners of her lips. “Oh, the stories I could tell!” 


(Volume IV of Ash Suspense Thrillers with a Dash of Romance)

 Paperback Hardcover


From USA Today bestselling author Uvi Poznansky comes a gripping suspense thriller:

Ash has a long overdue plan to visit Vlad in UCI Medical Center and learn the secrets of his Russian gang. But during a raging pandemic, she unfortunately puts it on hold.

One way for Vlad to avoid paying the price for his crimes is to play dead; another is to play dying. For Ash, this not a game. He slips away from the hospital in a body bag placed in a refrigerator truck, then develops a brazen fraud scheme that will bilk health insurance companies out of millions of dollars, rob her of her identity, and drive other victims to suicide.

Will Ash manage to stay one step ahead of his gang and at the same time, protect her loved ones from contagion?

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