Sunday, January 24, 2021

Overdue: the Print edition

 The print edition for my new thriller is now available! If you love holding a book, smoothing a hand over the cover, flipping through the pages on a fast-moving journey to bring the bad guys to justice, here it is: Overdue.


(Volume IV of Ash Suspense Thrillers with a Dash of Romance)

 Paperback Hardcover




  1. hello, Hi i know this might not be the correct place to address this or ask this question. But i was wondering, ive noticed you have an audiobook of dark fanatasy short stories posted of But the promo codes have run out :( i really like youre writing so much, i was wondering if you had an extra promo code in exchange for an honest review. I would really appreciate it and im sorry for addressing this here i just was not able to find a more appropriate means of contact for you. My name is Alexis G. and my audible member page is
    so you can see that i do do reviews after listening :)

    thank you for reading this and i hope to hear from you soon :)

    1. Hi Alexis thanks for reaching out. I PMed you. Twisted codes have run out, unfortunately... Try my other books :
      Happy listening!