Hosting Events

Want listeners for your audiobooks? 

With deep experience promoting audiobooks and orchestrating events, I'll help you make your story shine! Join us in the upcoming Mother's Day multi-genre Facebook Event. You'll be one of a select group of authors presenting their work to an audience of listeners:

Love Mom
Audiobook Escapes 
May 9th-May 10th, 2024

I'll pencil in your book info, then send you a pay request

All genres welcome: 
Thrillers, Mystery, Romance, Historical...
All audio platforms (Acx, Chirp) welcome
Space is limited

I will: 

  • Present you to the guests
  • Announce the winners for you at the Grand Finale
  • Design a custom banner for you, showcasing your audiobooks 
  • Provide guidance throughout event to help make it a success 

You will:

  • Invite friends, fans & followers to join the event
  • Showcase the audiobooks you enter into the event (up to four.)
  • Give away redeem codes after I announce your winners. You will need 5 of them in total* (no matter how many audiobooks you showcase.) 

For Acx, audiobooks published prior to March 2020, redeems are the same as purchases. 
You get paid for them.

Check out some of my past multi-author audiobook events:


J.C. Fields, award winning and Amazon bestselling author.

Just wanted to drop you a note and offer my sincere thank you for the fantastic promotion you organized for a group of authors which finished up on November, 19 & 20, 2021. I believe I have participated in four of these promotions and have to commend you on the organization and, most importantly, effectiveness of them. 

Let me explain the effective part. I have found it challenging to promote audiobooks when you are exclusive to ACX. Which I am. There are few tools available to independent authors which move the sales needle and increase royalties. Currently, I have ten titles available on Audible with consistent month to month sales during the course of a year.  With your most recent Home for the Holidays promotion, I saw a 20% increase in audiobook sales during the promotional month.  Considering the overall cost, this is a fantastic ROI for this type of promotion.

If an author is hesitant to join a promotion you organize, give them my email address. I will be more than happy to encourage them to participate. Keep up the excellent work! 

S.R. Mallery, USA Today bestselling author

Having been in several of Uvi Poznansky’s Audiobook Giveaway events now, I can unequivocally say—without hesitation—that she is the most systematically organized, helpful, and reassuring author I know. 

Not only does she let the authors know exactly what will happen each day of the event, she also explains how to invite friends and suggests what to post and how often. The participating authors can easily touch base with her and each other. I’ve found it is that thread, where last minute questions and general support quickly abounds, thus making it a thoroughly enjoyable and reassuring experience for all. Then, before the last day of the event, she lets each author know exactly to whom they should gift their audiobooks, so making hard decisions is not necessary. 

And the icing on the cake? In my case, a major sales bump for each of our audio books offered! Bottom line? I HIGHLY recommend being part of these events!

Colleen Mooney, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author

Audio events with Uvi are grand.  She maps it all out in a detailed plan leaving no room for error.  The events she plans are well thought out, organized and delivered.  Her events cover every detail from suggesting when to invite people to the day of when she posts the winners of giveaways.  Uvi’s creativity can be seen in the headers and posts she creates introducing us, day of event announcements,  and for the winners in the final hour. She has a behind the scenes group where all of us—the other authors involved—can share information and support.

As a participant of Uvi’s Facebook Audio Events I had an increase in audio sales following the event and gained new listeners. The authors in the event are great at sharing and making participating as an author or a guest a lot of fun.  As an author, the event exposes my work to new readers/listeners who might otherwise not find me.  As a guest you get introduced to new  authors’  work you might not have found on your own.  Don’t miss the next one!

Aaron Paul Lazar, USA Today bestselling author

I’ve taken part in many of Uvi Poznansky’s audiobook events on Facebook. Each activity has been thoroughly laid out and explained in detail, so that the most novice authors should have no problem signing up and preparing for the event. The events are consistently, beautifully orchestrated. Each step of the way is clearly presented in order. 


It’s the perfect chance to shine in front of hundreds of listeners who may not be familiar with one’s work, as well as a great chance to network with other authors and gain more friends on Facebook who love books.


Uvi also provides beautiful poster art and poems to present at the end of the day when the prizes are awarded. These are beautifully designed and artfully arranged, featuring the covers of each offered set of audiobooks. 


On top of the flawless organization, the “party” is always a blast and I’ve sold more books because of it!

Allen Kent, USA Today bestselling author

I have been fortunate enough to participate in five or six of Uvi's promotional events and they are without a doubt the best opportunity I have found to get my audiobooks in front of the listening public. In addition to being the most affordable promotional activities I participate in, I always see a bump in sales following the event. But frankly, I try not to pass one up because they are so much fun! Uvi handles all the details, turns the event into a party, and provides everything needed to get the audiobook prizes into the hands of lucky winners.

Chariss K. Walker, bestselling author

I just have to say that so far I have participated in two of Uvi's past audiobook events and I look forward to joining the next and the next and the next. I can truthfully say that Uvi's events run as smooth as silk. From the moment an author signs up for her event, Uvi leads you through every step along the way and encourages behind-the-scenes interaction where each author can seek answers to their questions or just chat about the event. Uvi prepares charts and lists that keep the author on track and emails them to you. She is only an email away the entire time. As a fantastic artist, Uvi also prepares beautiful graphics and landing pages to encourage guest attendance which is essential to the event's success. 

It was a true pleasure working with her. If you are new to this kind of event, simply trust Uvi and follow her directions. She will see you through to a successful end. 

*What if you ran out of redeem codes?

  • In Acx, Request More Promo Codes for the audiobook. 
  • Gift your audiobook using Give as a Gift (if you bought its Kindle version this is not costly.)
  • You can offer less than 5 prizes -- let me know if you choose to do this
  • If you identify UK listeners among the guests, tell me to select these as your winners so you can use your UK code

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