I will take your manuscript through careful line and copy editing to ensure correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar. If necessary I will suggest sentence reconstruction to ensure your story has the best possible impact on your audience. I will also suggest eliminating unnecessary verbiage or replacing it with more fitting expressions.

Overall Critique

I will take a deep look at your entire manuscript, ensuring the plot, structure, and theme are all fully coherent. Also, I'll look at your dialogue, pacing, characterization and the arc of your plot, to ensure your entire book not only holds well together but also flows.


This is a final check for punctuation and typographical errors, done at your request once editing is complete.

How it works:

First step: Contact me to send your manuscript for evaluation. I take pride in my editing prowess and will edit the first few pages free of charge, so you can witness the difference my editing can make for you. At the same time, I will give you a quote (which includes Copy and Line Editing and Overall Critique) and a payment schedule. 

Typically, I divide the manuscript into 3-chapter chunks, which I edit and send you in quick succession, so you can start acting on my suggestions as we go through the manuscript. Once editing is done to your satisfaction, I can also do the Proofreading for an additional charge.

What you get:

Two copies of your corrected manuscript emailed back to you: one with suggested edits highlighted using the Word's Track Changes feature (which allows you to consider and act on them) and a second with the edits accepted as part of the text (which helps minimize work at your end.)

Diane Fraiser Wigginton, author:

Uvi is a wonderful line editor and I would recommend her to all of my writing friends. She has made me a better writer and improved my manuscript with her insightful suggestions. Thank you Uvi for your wonderful help and guidance.

Other Services:

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