Saturday, June 23, 2012

Amazon's New Algorithms

I have just found an excellent article that gives an insight into the questionable results Indie authors are getting after taking part in Amazon's KSP Select program. Many of them are noticing that even when they had a stellar free run, garnering thousands and thousands of downloads, it is no longer catapulting them up the charts on their return to the paid side.

The article is by David Gaughran, an 34-year old Irish writer, living in Sweden. David runs the publishing blog Let’s Get Digital and the South American history site South Americana, has a regular column at Indie Reader, and his work has been featured in theHuffington Post, The Sunday Times, and the Irish Times.

The topic of the article is close to the heart of all of us writers, trying to find a way to make it in the world of literature today: Understanding Amazon’s New Algorithms Is As Easy As ABC


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    1. My pleasure. We are dealt certain cards and it helps the game to know their value...

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