Thursday, June 7, 2012

5-Star Bookreview for Apart From Love by Gaiven Clairmont

A new 5-star review of Apart From Love, this time by Gaiven Clairmont, the author of Reality, Dreams and Nightmares, appeared on Amazon:

"There are rare novels that complete capture you from the first sentence and leave you wanting to the very last word. Apart From love is that type of novel it has a central romantic plot between a son and his step-mother but yet still brings powerful themes into play and shows the battle of guilt one feels when one is forced into choosing the betrayal of another or the betrayal of oneself. The tone is light hearted in some and dark with a mist of the mysterious in others. Is Ben going to betray his dying father for the women he feels he deserves? Is Ben's father pulling the strings for an improbable romance flared in the air of infidelity and what about Ben's father's tapes?

Uvi clearly has what it takes to make a name for herself with novels that reflect deep and not shallow issues you have to go beneath the surface to capture the true beauty of this novel which is a rarity among new indie writers I applaud her sincerely and wish her the very best, she has a fan in me and i'm delighted and honoured to be given the chance to read such sterling work BRAVO and definitely worth 5-stars."

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