Thursday, June 14, 2012

We Were Born in Darkness

Written by Zeev Kachel

Translated from Hebrew by Uvi Poznansky

We were born in darkness, crying a fit
Like grains of sand, countless stars came up, lit, 
We wanted to turn back to the warm womb  
Instead we were wrapped by chill and by gloom

Born in darkness, we labored so hard
To find our way in this universe 
We were greeted by its hug, the cruelty of its curse
Its predators' jaws... We were forced to traverse. 

Ma, why did you fool me, what was it for,
When you sang me a lullaby, not a song of war?
Oh why did you hide the ugly truth from me
We were born in darkness, our life--not to be?

★ Inspired by poetry? Treat yourself a gift ★

"As the title suggests it is a journey that takes you inside shadows 
lurking somewhere in the deep domains of 'Home'"


  1. Beautiful in spirit & verse. Hmm, sadly I don't know how to read Hebrew. But the translation is palpable & lyrical so I guess it measures up. :-)

    1. Thank you dear Shyam. (I never know if you are Adrift or Ashore...)