Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Interview at Cowboy Wisdom Radio

I have just come off the air from my interview with the host of Cowboy Wisdom NLP Radio, Rob Wilson. Rob is a certified professional coach and motivational speaker, generating, facilitating, and illuminating life's possibilities in all people. He is a regular on the Stu Taylor Radio Show, 'Equity Strategies and Business Talk' and a published author of several books: The Wisdom of a Cowboy: Crossing the River and Climbing the Mountain, Wired for Change by a Journeyman and American Worker: Prison Wagesin the Private Sector. We talked not only about my book, Apart From Love, but also about creativity, which I described as a landscape, a zone surrounded by a wall. You can listen to my conversation with Rob here.

This is the third interview but somehow, it was far from being commonplace to me. Listening to his show I could tell that the conversation was going be relaxed and in more depth, simply because his interviews are generally conducted in a longer time slot--a full half hour--allowing the listeners the opportunity to open up to the subject.

My first radio interview was with the President of Conversations Book Club and the host of Conversations LIVE! Radio, Cyrus Webb. He is also a Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer and a participant of the Vine Voice program on Amazon, so I was very honored to get his offer to come on his show. You can listen to my conversation with Cyrus here.

My second radio interview was with the host of the Author's Hideaway, author Yolanda M Johnson-Bryant. She is a published author, freelance writer, columnist, novelist, editor, ghostwriter, literary, social media and entrepreneurial consultant and advocate, volunteer, Toastmaster and overall geek. You can listen to my conversation with Yolanda here.


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